What Makes Flappy Bird So Addictive?

Flappy bird is currently the top downloaded game in google play store by android users right now, I myself got curious so I’ve downloaded and played the trendy game.

The game has only one control and that is to tap the screen to make the bird go up and avoid the pipes, you just need to get through as many pipes as you can to reach higher levels and score.

Honestly speaking It is one of the most shitty games I’ve ever played but ridiculously also very addicting one. Even with Its crappy graphics and very uncomplicated game play you will surely don’t quit until you haven’t scored at least 3 and I’m serious about that.

Well for me I just started playing the game earlier today and reached score of 15, and I don’t even know how I got that far LOL. Even you got that far, if you bumped those pipes with that fat bird's beak you will start from the very beginning.

You can’t even try to memorize the pipe position to make it easy to get through the next time, because the pipe positioning changes everytime you start a new game.

I think one thing that makes it addictive and remarkable is because of Its name and game style which is kinda comparable to the Angry Birds game which also made a name in the whole gaming world.

Another reason why this game became that trendy is that you can compare and beat each other’s score with your friends, just because of It’s simple scoring that is every pair of pipe you get through you get a score.

Well I'm sure enough this game will evolve the coming months and will have some new updates and features just like any other game that became hit.

If you haven't installed the game yet, you might wanna and let me know how far you can go without breaking your phone LOL.

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