SWA Earn Money From Home Through Facebook Real or Scam?

Have you also encountered posts on facebook like on the image below about something wherein you can earn money from home just from facebooking? SWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance is one of those “make money just from facebook” ones which is now spreading out on the social networking site facebook.

The first thing you might ask is if it is for real or not and just another scam, well I can say It is not a scam as you can actually earn money from SWA, but here’s the catch: Is it easy to do and how really do you earn from it? That’s the question you should ask before joining SWA or any other networking company, and yeah SWA is a networking company, you earn from referring other members but you should pay an amount of 2,500 first to join and those whom you will refer should also pay that amount to become a member. Meaning if you can’t refer someone to pay that amount you won’t earn.

Sure you can earn from just using facebook but it’s not that easy to recruit using facebook. You should have those extra mega persuading skills to refer someone. So those facebook posts you see saying you can earn just from liking, sharing, or posting on facebook is not true, you earn from recruiting someone to join and pay the 2,500 PHP.

I’m not a member of SWA and I never wanted to join those networking sites but as I’ve seen most of my friends who are member of networking companies, it is very hard to earn money or get referrals these days through networking companies as the word “PYRAMIDING AND NETWORKING SCAM” emerged to most people’s thoughts.

Again SWA is not a SCAM and I don’t discourage you joining these networking companies, you still have the decision to join or not.

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