How to Unlock Plants Vs. Zombies 2 4th World?

Many might be searching for ways to unlock the 4th world on the most loved arcade game Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

From my research I found out the 4th world is called “Far Future” and It is already available but yet to be unlocked first. If you can’t see the 4th map you should update your game, you’ll see there a darkened map which has question marks below it.

I already finished all the 24/24 of each of the first 3 levels (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild West), and If I recall what I saw upon finishing the last level of the Wild West world is that the key for the 4th world can be acquired from the endless zones (Pyramid of Doom, Dead Man’s Booty, Big Bad Butte) these endless levels can be found on each of the 3 worlds.

I already got 1 key but can’t use it to open the 4th world, I’m still wondering how many keys needed for the new world to be unlocked, and on what level of the endless zones you can get the keys

So the only way to unlock the 4th world is then to play as high level in the endless zones.

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