How to Shop Securely in Online Buy and Sell Websites

Secured Online Shopping.
Online shopping sure is awesome since you can do it at home, send the money and get the item at your doorstep but there are many things you should consider first before giving out your money, like the authenticity of the item, the seller, and the website.

There are many reported cases of scams related to online buy & sell sites especially here in the Philippines wherein the person didn't receive the item from the seller after sending the money, and since the TV reporters didn't do a very good job explaining on how to avoid being victimized by these scams I made this article for thousands of users of these sites to know how to shop wisely online.

The first thing you should know is that the items posted on those buy and sell websites are not owned by the site, but by users just like you, so you can’t assure that those whom you are negotiating are not just posting scam items there, even so the website is authentic (like and they do not have the full control over the sellers. As we know anyone can create an account there even with a fake identity and post an item whether real or fake items like gadgets, appliances, clothing, cars, accessories, houses etc.

So the best thing you can do is to find items posted by users near your area or city, so you can set a meet up preferably in a public place and hand over the money and item personally, in that way you won’t risk sending money to users from far places which you don’t even know if they will ship the item to you.

These sites have search features wherein you can choose your area wherein you can find items or users near you. With these way you can also see the item with your own eyes and make sure you are not buying something which is not on the posted ad.

Well I’m not saying all users and items posted that are not in your area are not legit ones and I'm not also discouraging you in shopping online, you still have the choice to buy any items on the internet but make sure you check and verify the item and the identity of the owner (even that would be not that easy) carefully before sending money or entering your card info.

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