Apps that Slow Down and Drain your Android Phone

The common problems of Android users, Slow performance and low battery life.
Do you have a low end Android Device? Well you might limit yourself from downloading and installing some softwares you might and might not know slows down the performance or drains your battery faster. For games, there’s no problem installing as many games as you want as long as you have a big memory, games doesn’t slow down or drain your phone, but naturally playing endlessly will use up your battery in no time.
If you notice your android phone became slower and unresponsive not like when you just bought it, you might have installed some apps that you thought might speed up your phone’s performance or save your battery could be just the reason why you are having those problems.
So in this article I will let you know the apps you shouldn’t want to install on your phone.

1     Battery Saver/Conserver/Care Apps
Biggest mistake of most users, never believe these apps could really save your phone’s battery life, they just run in background meaning using more power and meaning just draining your battery. These apps will also slow down your device as it uses processor and RAM.

Launchers are apps that enable users to change the theme of android which is surely awesome if you have a high end android phone, but if you don’t nevermind installing these, launchers could significantly slow down your phone.

3    Any App that runs in background
All apps that run in background will certainly drain and affect the speed and drain your battery faster, and you might want to remove these ones if you really don’t need them running. You can find these culprits by opening your phone’s task manager, some device vary on how to open the task manager, for my phone I just press and hold the home key (center button) to open the task manager, In there you can see the apps that run in background, you may stop them there or uninstall them to prevent them from running next time.

You should always scan your phone for the apps that you don’t need anymore and uninstall them, again games doesn’t slow down your phone, they just drain your battery if you are using them continuously.

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