How to Choose the Right Android Phone for your Needs

Android is the no. 1 mobile OS today and if you still haven't got one here are the basic features you should look for on an Android phone, I will guide you to be wise and avoid spending too much for something you actually don't need.

The number one thing you should think of is how exactly are you going to use your device like as follows:

1. Camera
If you love taking pictures then go for a phone with atleast 8 MP above camera, and of course with a front cam with atleast 2 up and of course with flash.

2. Gaming
If you're a gamer like me, you should look for an Android phone with high specs just like with PC's, here are at least the basic specs of an android device which is ideal for gaming:

Processor: 1.3 GHZ Dual Core and up like Quad Core etc.
RAM: Atleast 512 MB and up
Internal Memory: 2 GB up
Should have updated Android Version like Jellybean, Kitkat

For the specs mentioned above you can already use your phone for almost all possible functions of an Android phone. Remember this one thing if you plan installing many games on your android phone dont get a phone with low internal memory, many dont know about this but you cannot install all app and game on your SD card so you might not able to download many games on a small internal memory even you have a large SD card.

4. Long time usage
Well if you want a phone which lasts for hours of usage then look for a phone with a 2000mAh and up battery.

5. Internet Surfing
Well if you love facebooking and all, you should look for an android phone with 3G and Wi-Fi with these you can access internet anywhere you have 3G or wi-fi signal.

If you are looking for the ideal android phone you should look for the on with all the features I mentioned above, but if you are out of budget for that you can pick the main function and look for the phone with high specs it that function for example if you plan using your phone for picture taking, get a phone with a 8 MP and low-bowl on the other features or if u plan downloading many games, get a phone with high processor, high RAM and high internal memory. 

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