Browse the Internet Safely when using Public Computers

When you are using public or shared computers like in internet shops, for example to access your online accounts in facebook, yahoo, twitter or bank accounts, you are putting your online accounts at risk. Just like what happened to one of my friends on facebook, she might have left the shop with her facebook not logged out, later someone posted on behalf of her name with disgusting words, clearly when other customer opened facebook on the pc she used, her account is still logged in so the person posted any nonsense he wanted.

So I thought of posting this to make you aware and help you make your online accounts safe while using public computers.

To do this, when browsing the internet, you have to use the private window feature of the browser, if you do this all your browsing history, usernames, passwords will not be saved, and here’s how to do it:

If you’re using google chrome:

Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right of chrome and click on New Incognito Window, this will open the private window, from there you can browse safely.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox:

Click on tools > Start Private Browsing

For Internet Explorer:

Click on tools > InPrivate Browsing

 That’s it guys, now when you’re done browsing, you can just close your browser without worries for your account being harmed.

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