Softwares and other Ways of Hacking Facebook Account

For this article I would like to discuss about softwares or programs that are supposed to hack someone’s facebook account. For those who are trying to search for these programs, I am advising and warning you not to trust them, for the number of people searching and are in need or these programs many also would take advantage of the demand and will make fake programs which are spreading in download sites but those would only harm the user, meaning you would just make yourself a victim not a predator.

I know some of these would actually work but you couldn't be so sure that there’s no payback from the creator of the program.

So the bottom line is you don’t know which one is working and which one that will stab you in the back. The only methods I know to hack someone’s online account is through social engineering or using keyloggers and I wouldn’t explain those any further, I still not recommend you searching those and trying to do them, in other words none of these is safe, but goodluck for those who insist, always do it at your own risk, cheers!

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