How is Nuffnang better than other Advertising Companies

Are you a blogger? Nuffnanger? If you haven't known Nuffnang yet, I can say it is one of the top advertising companies out there, and on this article I will tell you why.

If you are a nuffnang member (you surely should become one), you might have read about the sponsored posts which is one of nuffnang's best features, other than the contests wherein bloggers can join and win prizes. And only nuffnang has this offer for their publishers.

Sponsored post means you will write an article for a product or company and they will give you compensation.

So how to get a sponsored post?
You will not be the one to look for products or companies to give you a sponsored post, you will just have to make your blog as awesome as you can :) by means of writing quality posts and nice traffic. Once you get your blog to the that level, you will then be contacted by nuffnang staffs and propose a sponsored post.

How much is the compensation?
I cannot tell you the exact amount but for me my sponsored post is as high as your monthly pay if you are working in an office, that's how awesome it is to be offered a sponsored post.

So I just wanted to share this experience to inspire nuffnangers to keep up their blogging career.

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