Best Web Hosting Service that Accepts Unverified PayPal Account

Do you want to launch you own website but you do not have a
verified paypal account to purchase a hosting plan? You’ve come to the right
place! You might already know the advantages of having your website hosted
rather than using free web hosts. I’ve also made a research on my own on a
hosting service which accepts unverified paypal account and ended up with
hosting24 which I used ever since for my forum. I have been running the forum hosted on hosting24 for almost a year and I haven't encountered any problem with the server so I can personally say this hosting service is tried and tested.

Hosting24 comes as a cheap and reliable hosting service,
they have a 24/7 customer service which can be accessed in their website with
the chat feature.

Here’s the list of hosting plans, accompanied with the plan
is a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth and disk space!

Pay Every Month            $7.84        $7.84
Pay Every 3 Months       $7.54        $22.62
Pay Every 6 Months       $7.24        $43.44
Pay Every 12 Months     $6.84        $82.08
Pay Every 24 Months     $5.84        $140.16
Pay Every 36 Months     $4.84        $174.24 

And lucky for you, I will be giving you my coupon code for free!
Using this coupon or discount code will give you a $2/month discount or for a
year you will save $24!

So here it is: ALTECHZONE 

Go to their official website now and start your own self hosted website.

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