How to Withdraw your PayPal Cash/Funds to your Bank | Easier, Faster and Cheaper Way

Now I will show you how to withdraw your paypal funds to your bank account, I highly recommend using RCBC MyWallet Visa Card to withdraw in your paypal, as it comes as cheaper with only 150 pesos you can verify your paypal and withdraw your money.

Now let’s go to the tutorial  first get your own RCBC MyWallet Visa Card and have it verified go to my tutorial for verifying your Visa Card here.

After verifying your card, withdrawing is so simple, log in to your paypal account,

Go to profile > Add/Edit Bank account

Fill up the form

For bank name put RCBC

Bank code: 010280014

Then enter your 16 digit card number.

Now go to withdraw  then select bank, not card as it is cheaper, you will only be charged 50 PHP if you withdraw 6,999 and below and it’s free if you will withdraw 7000 and above. If you will choose credit card, you will just waste 250 pesos and will wait longer to process.

On the next page, you will enter the amount you want to withdraw  you can change the currency to USD if you prefer. 

After continuing, you will be presented with the details of your withdrawal, check and submit. You will then receive an email from paypal showing the amount and the date you will have your money on your card.


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  1. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi sir, sa RCBC myWallet card ba mapupunta yung funds, di na ba kailan ng bank account kung my myWallet card na tsaka kapag nagwithdraw sa card through ATM may fees pa ba? Salamat.

    1. yup sa card na mismo mapupunta yung funds, walang fees pag sa RCBC atm ka magwiwithdraw.


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