SYKES’ Glorietta 1: A Culture of Support

SYKES Asia Incorporated “The Pioneer and Future of BPO”

SYKES Asia, the revolutionary BPO Corporation afresh makes an innovative advancement in the business for its 16th year in the lead, not only through its new locale, but with the continuous support for a personnel friendly environment for its employees as apparent with the well deliberated assembly of the new compound which was officially launched on August 14. 2013, sited at Glorietta 1, Makati CBD.


SYKES' Front Desk

“Live like Home in your Workplace”

With the company’s endeavor of a vibrant workplace, convoyed with this launch are facilities that ensembles what every client and especially workers personal or profession related needs. Accommodations including recruitment hub and employees’ huddle rooms are attentively designed to fully fit each quarter’s function, also to entertain and provide pleasure with the high technology features and effects, hence, provides not only physical comfort for the employees but also to soothe them with the relaxing ambience.

The Recruitment Hub:

Huddle Rooms:

In view also of the medical needs for their employees, there are special isolated rooms for nursing women and a wide section intended for any health related concerns. Conferring not only career but a dwelling place just proves how SYKES value their employees.

“Exceptional Enterprise”

This commencement of a brand new and persistent setting aspires and bears out SYKES’ main grounds of being on top of the industry to furnish a workplace that no other can replicate or prevail, a home of learning and non-stop development for professionals. Simply SYKES have already established the future and anticipation of any BPO enthusiast.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by SYKES' Asia Incorporated

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