How to Verify your PayPal Account using RCBC MyWallet Visa Card | Easy Way + Problem Solutions

Good day folks, are you having problems verifying your paypal account using your RCBC Visa Card? RCBC MyWallet card is by far the most convenient and cheapest way to verify or link your Credit card to your paypal account and withdraw your funds. Any RCBC card will work whether it's the mercury drug visa card, blue or black one as long as it has a VISA logo in it.

But for many who are still receiving errors like this: 

"The Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience."

Now I will answer your problems :)

This is a step many of you might have skipped, wherein when you already got your Visa Card from RCBC bank, do not proceed immediately on your paypal account and try to verify.

This is what you should do after acquiring your card, do not leave immediately in your bank, you should load your card atleast 100 PHP and above, take note "above 100 PHP". You cannot verify your paypal if your card load is only 100 PHP which is your initial deposit. Even you pay 120 or 110 as initial deposit, only 100 pesos will be entered to your card, so you should add another 100 and now you can link your paypal account without having problems!

So may give you a brief guide in verifying your Paypal account using RCBC MyWallet Visa Card

1. Prepare your Government Issued ID with a photocopy, go to RCBC bank.
2. Find the inquiry desk and tell them you will open a MyWallet Visa Card.
3. They will take your ID and let you fill up a form, take note of your personal details like especially name, address, and phone numbers as you will use exactly the same details in the next steps of verifying your paypal account. Also make sure the email address you will put in the form is the email you are using in your paypal account.
4. Depending on your bank branch, it will take 1-7 days for you to get your card. To get your card you will have to pay an initial deposit of 120. But as I have said above, do not leave immediately, load another 100 to your card.
5. Wait for 24 hours to be sure that your card is activated.
6. Now go to your paypal account and click on "verify".
7. Fill up the form accurately and submit.
6. When accepted, email RCBC for your 4 digit code.

Copy this format:

Good day ma'am/sir! I wanna request for the 4-DIGIT Paypal code to verify my RCBC MyWallet Visa Card. Please send it to me when they emailed the pin to your system.
More power and God bless!


Full Name: 
16-digit Card number:
Issuing branch:
Birth date:
Mobile Phone No.:
Date of linking card with PayPal:
Email Address indicated during account opening: 

7. Send this email to
8. They will send your 4 digit code within 24 hours
9. Go back to your paypal account and enter the code.

That's it, your paypal account is now verified and you can withdraw your funds or use it to purchase online!!


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