Don’t Hate Youtube Ads | The Importance of Advertisements

Why you should never disable, block, or remove Youtube Ads!

Youtube is undoubtedly the top entertainment website principally in watching videos and movies in any kind. And I bet all internet users can’t leave their computer without opening youtube to watch some vids.

But also for sure all youtube addicts has a complaint in common when viewing videos on youtube, it is the ads or the advertisements that appear below or before the video that we are watching, and we should close or skip the ad everytime. It is certainly irritating and a waste of time and clicks especially if you are impatient and would wish to disable those ads, BUT to tell you those ads make youtube alive, and how is that? Just like any other companies which acquire their fund from sponsors, youtube and all websites get sponsorship from the advertisers which pay for displaying the ads on youtube videos, thus killing the ads is killing youtube!

As you know watching youtube videos is offered for FREE for all, unlike other websites who require membership fees to watch their videos. So just to show support for youtube, never disable the ads. If the ads are disabled, generally youtube won’t gain resources and would also start to implement membership fees, which would be a nightmare isn’t it? and just what is the little space or time as compared when you pay for the video.


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