Racist/Discriminatory Photos on Facebook Real or Not? | Should you Believe on These Pictures?

I have seen many of these pics being posted and being spread on Facebook. These photos are generally a screenshot of a person's post update wherein he/she is mocking another person, company or a race in general (which mostly I have seen).

If you won't think twice about the possibilities that the photo was just cropped or edited, your normal reaction would also infuriated as anyone else who would see a photo like that especially if you or your relative is the subject in that discriminatory photo.

But before you arouse anger and post comments and think about antipathetic things about the person in that photo, let me tell you guys if you still aren't aware of our modern digital world, anyone knowledgeable in editing photos could easily create or manipulate a person's photo, add some negative text to make it look like a facebook post would fool us. The person in that racist pic could be the real victim! Mostly famous people get involved in this kind of bullying, and the only reason why people create this fake photos is enviousness.

So again, do not believe on everything you see on facebook especially about racist pictures being spread, being mislead by these made-up photos could destroy innocent people, which you wouldn't want to happen to yourself isn't it? Just imagine one day you open your facebook account and comprehend people mocking and dishonoring you because of a fake photo of you discriminating someone.

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