Tricks on How to Promote your Facebook Fan Page and Get More Likes

Do you own a Facebook page, whether personal or a company fan page that you would want to uphold the number of likes and get more followers? My post for today could definitely help you!
I have listed all the tricks I know and learned of promoting a Facebook page and as follows:

1. Content wise
If your facebook page has a very helpful or entertaining content, it wouldn’t be hard to attract likes as users would hastily click the like button of your page to be up to date with your new posts, thus this trick is just common. You just have to make your page title, cause of the page, and regular contents attractive. In here what they are liking may be the person or company itself.

Traditional using of funny pics

Or just as simple as this:

2. Carrying out contests or games
This is one of the most effective way of boosting your number of likes. These contests or games may be in form of giving prizes for a simple quiz or raffle draw, which the requirements for the contest is to like your page of course, and let them also share the post.

Here’s an example:

An item giveaway – Offer a gadget giveaway for example, post a photo of the gadget, let them like your page and the photo, and tell them that you will then draw a winner from the likers.

Even simple question and answer posts are effective too!

You can also make something like this and let them guess.


3. Playing with the comments

This is just a simple trick that many facebook page owners do to make a photo get lots of comments, and as you know getting many comments in a post or photo is just as effective as likes.

Another one is curiosity trick, you will post a photo instructing people to press certain buttons on their keyboard to see something cool, it would be formed into a emoticon or smiley.

The bad ones:

And one trick which I and all of you surely wouldn’t like is a bogus one wherein facebook page owners post a photo of a baby or a child in a critical or pitiful situation and tell the audience that every like or share would give a donation to the child from facebook, which is hard to believe as not all of these are true, they are just using the poor photo of a baby to get likes.

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