How to Check/Inquire your ATM Card Balance If you Do not Have your Card

Check your card balance without going to bank or ATM machine. 

This helps those ATM card owners to check their maintaining balance in their account if they do not have your card on hand or lost it and would like to know if they still have money in their card.

If you have lost your card, this would be the first thing you want to do, to check for your balance, and if your card still have load you can now decide to request for replacement and the available load would be transferred to a new account.

So to do it, you just have to go to bancnet's website and access your card just like on a bancnet ATM machine. You do not need to create an account on bancnet online to do it. This saves lots of time as normally to check your balance without your card would require you to go to the bank and inquire inside.

To check your balance online you only need to have the following: computer w/ internet connection, your ATM card number and PIN.

1. Open up

2. Choose your bank on the list, then click on I Agree button.

3. For RCBC for example, a window like this will appear

4. Then just input your ATM card number (without space or dashes), you can leave Member Number blank and select Account Type (commonly Sayings Account)

5. Enter your ATM PIN and click on Submit

You will then be prompted your available balance

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