The Good and Bad Things About Facebook Updates

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest online site we have ever known. As it is now being used by almost every individual. And we must also noticed that facebook has never stopped updating, from the layout and features.

Why does facebook update its features non-stop? simply to overpower competitors, make the users feel that facebook isn't getting old, and give the users more capabilities or privilege on the site.

With the updates being made by facebook, users have mixed views about the changes being made. Some don't like the new updates whether they are having a hard time adjusting on the new navigation for instance, thus one of the bad things about the updates is that facebook is slowly loosing its user friendly interface especially for those who aren't that knowledgeable on the internet.

But in general all the updates being made on facebook, most users still find it better as they find the networking site more functional and they have more new features to use, thus these updates makes facebook a more productive social network.

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