Why I Decided to Remove Chitika Ads From My Blog

I am using three online ad serving networks for this blog, namely Nuffnang, Infolinks, and Chitika which I observed are the best alternatives to Google Adsense. And as I noticed from my earnings for using these three for a few months, Chitika ranks the lowest that generates earnings. 

Chitika has ridiculously low CTR or the number of clicks, I have 5K+ daily visitors according to my Chitika dashboard, and I only receive less than 20 clicks per day and cannot even give me one buck a day. This is even I put Chitika ads almost everywhere in my blog post body and I have also enabled Chtika Apps.

So today I will now say goodbye to Chitika and focus on Infolinks and Nuffnang ads. The only thing I did love about Chitika is its very low cashout threshold of 10 USD, but even with that I hardly receive a monthly payout.

Maybe it is because my blog has more local traffic, so I am not discouraging you in serving Chitika ads or anything, you should also do observations and experiments for yourself.

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  1. can i stop showing chitika ads anytime i want without written permision sir?


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