Adding Watermark on Your Blog Post’s Images | How Does It Help?

Most bloggers put their blog’s name or URL on the images they publish with their posts. But is it really important? in this article I would like to explain the true essence of adding watermarks to blog post images and why you should put them. I will also show you some effective ways of adding watermarks. 

The main thing adding your watermark to an image could give you is that it could discourage those desperate bloggers from copying your contents, especially if that photo is a rare one. But make sure to put the watermark in the sense that it wouldn't be erased without affecting the photo. Don’t place it on a spot with plain background, from there it would be easily erased or brushed in Photoshop.  Also put it near the main focus or the most important part of the image, this could also make it senseless for the copier to remove the watermark.

Also in adding your watermark, try to place it in a diagonal position, by doing so would make it harder to remove.

But does adding watermark show that an image or blog post is original?

No actually. As many bloggers do not put watermarks on their images, and these images can be easily searched and copied from Google Images, and instead rely on their post content for SEO, we can’t really assume that an image posted on a blog is original. So we should expect that images are not important in SEO or how your post or blog is ranked by Google. And we can’t ignore the fact that Photoshop is a very clever tool, it can fake everything.

And one thing you should remember is you should only put your watermarks on images you really own, these pictures are either your own captured scenes or those you drawn or designed yourself, you can be charged for copyright infringement and the likes if you do so.

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