's Google Page Rank Dropped to 0

Pinoy Tech Blog is one of the top tech blogs on the philippines, and upon knowing that google had just updated the page rankings of websites this 4th of February 2013 I checked for the pr of my blog right away and also some other blogs that i know on Google Page Rank Checker

I noticed numerous blogs' page ranks dropped, including which shockingly plunged to 0. As we know page rank of websites are from 1-10 and 10 is the highest.

But does PR really affect traffic of websites?. We may all know that also experienced a page rank of 0 but nothing has really happened to the traffic, but it has been reported that it's only a bug and that google fixed it accordingly. Even PTB which currently has its pr dropped to 0 still ranks high on a traffic ranking website for Philippine blogs (

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  1. Good post regarding page rank drop. ya i agree with you that when page rank drop it doesn't mean traffic is also affected.

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