Common Mistakes of New Bloggers That Make Them Fail

There should be two kinds of readers for this article, first are new bloggers who had just started a blog and want to learn before acting, and the second are those bloggers who are already blogging for months or years and still don't do any good in monetizing their blog.

With my own experience and observation in blogging for some time, I came up with this article to share the most common errors and wrong beliefs by new or amateur bloggers. And doing these things won’t get your blog anywhere. Aside from negative effects for your blog, you can also get yourself sued for copyright infringement. And also if you are doing any of these, you can’t call yourself a blogger.

Copying contents from other sites

This is still on top of those mistakes that fresh bloggers do. The only thing they know is that they should publish as many posts as they can, so they just copy articles from other blogs or websites and then effortlessly paste, change some lines, replace the photos, and think they had just made a new post for the day.

Making an illegal downloads blog

A download blog is the easiest niche for lazy and hopeless blogger wannabes, but unless the files you upload and share aren't originally made by you, it is still the same as copying contents. Only make a downloads blog if you own the contents, like for instance softwares you programmed and named yourself, photos you captured or designed yourself, videos you recorded or edited, or any kind of files which originated from you.

So if you are blogging to make money and you do any of those stated above, never expect to earn like those by successful bloggers. Always remember the first condition in making money especially with google adsense which is still the best way of monetizing your website, illegal contents aren't allowed.

Joining link exchange or traffic exchange sites/ Misunderstanding SEO 

Links are still very effective in SEO but google is now very strict with the links pointing to your website. Legitimate links will surely improve the page rank of your blog, but intended or self made or bought links will also plunge your ranking down.

Blogging is easy and fast way of earning: FALSE

Many new bloggers might have thought blogging is that simple but it really isn't, blogging needs time and effort to establish a good blog. Only those professional bloggers would say that blogging is easy and you can earn big bucks with a little effort, but for new ones who are still making their way in blogging, it won't be that easy. But to tell you it really isn't that hard if you have passion in writing and sharing ideas, you will do good and will be successful too someday.

Monetizing before traffic building

And with the thought of easy money in blogging, many beginners would register to advertising companies and decorate their blog with numerous ads, and this definitely isn't good for a new blog. In blogging,especially if your blog is fresh, you need to concentrate in traffic building (having more visitors) before thinking of placing ads on your blog, you wouldn't expect to earn even you put ads everywhere in your blog if you have no visitors.

I believe these errors are only done by bloggers who have no idea what blogging really is. And it is always best to ask help from other bloggers or self study, you can search everything on google nowadays. I myself gained all my knowledge in blogging from google search and also from forums.

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