Completely Hide New Posts or Status Updates to Your Friends' News Feeds on Facebook

What's the use of the new Delete button when you hide a post on your timeline?

Normally if you update your status, change profile picture, upload a photo or video, it will be automatically shown on your friend's news feed or on their Facebook homepage. Before we only have the option to hide it on our timeline  but still visible on our friend's new feeds.

But for now Facebook has added a new function which is very useful for those situations you don't want other people to see some of your posts or newly uploaded photos yet. 

If you hide a post from your timeline,an undo button would appear, it is to unhide the post, but for the update, another new button appeared, the delete button, it looks like this:

As it says, clicking the Delete button will hide your new post to your friends and also on your wall, but it won't be deleted on your albums if it is a photo, and if it is a status, only those who liked or commented on it earlier could see it then.

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