“Facebook will pay 1$ for one share” Photos Real or Not?

I just saw yet another heartbreaking photo of a baby that was shared by one of my friends on Facebook, I'm pretty sure most of you have also seen a few photos like this one. The photo has this caption: “this child is in ICU facebook will pay 1$ for one share please share this and save this cute friend” and for God’s sake these are not true at all! And now I can’t hold back myself so I decided to write this article. 

If Facebook will decide to make donations for people, they will do it directly and not by counting the number of shares or likes of a photo, thus they only do it confidentially. Those who post photos like this on their Facebook page are only doing that to endorse their fan page and attract more likes, which just irate me.

For those Facebook page owners who do things like these, please do not SCAM people and share hoax photo captions just for your own childish advantage, you know for yourself that you are deceiving people. So for those who would want to help people like these, you should instead donate to charities, or contact the families, not by making spammy photos and make people “share” or “like” them for non-factual cause.

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