Bypass PD-Proxy Daily Bandwidth Limit | How to Use Multiple Accounts in One Day

PD-Proxy is a powerful tool used to make your browsing secure and hide your identity on the internet, it can also be used to bypass some wi-fi hotspots. To use PD-Proxy you can register for a free or premium account. But free accounts are limited with only 100 MB daily bandwidth, and even if you use another account to log-in it would still say bandwidth limit reached, but I think it isn’t fair since they only limited the bandwidth to 100 MB but they didn’t say you can’t use more than one account in a day. That’s why I experimented a little and found out a trick to bypass the daily bandwidth limit and able to use unlimited accounts without using voucher code or buying a premium account.

So here we go, it is very simple by the way.

1. Firstly create as many free PD-Proxy accounts as you can, as long as you can remember your usernames and passwords, creating many accounts would also take some time, as you should use a different email address for each account.

2. Now here’s the trick, for every account always try not to reach 100 MB on your bandwidth usage. If you will stop your connection before you reach the limit, you could log-in again with another account, and you can do this for infinity! Just make sure you keep an eye on your Sent and Received data on your PD-Proxy app, you should sum up both to get your total bandwidth usage. I recommend you only use 70 MB and below to be sure.

3. Also remember, your daily bandwidth usage for an account resets at 12:00 AM.

That’s it, this trick could be hassle for especially for those who want to download some big files, as you should only download less than 100 MB every account. So using this trick or a using a free account in PD-Proxy is solely for browsing only, not for downloading and watching videos. And if you don’t want to be annoyed, sign up for a premium account instead :)

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