Importance of updating your Anti-Virus Software

Why you should update your anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is the most important program every computer should have. For viruses are also one of the most common problems of users; it is the main cause of system hangs, crashes, and damages. 

But installing an anti-virus without updating it still won’t be any good to protect your computer from viruses. New viruses are created and are being spread everyday so your anti-virus should also be updated regularly to block those new types of viruses.

It is very essential for you to update you AV software, especially if you are fond of browsing different sites that may contain viruses, downloading movies or any data on the internet, or if you always transfer files from another pc to your own computer.

How often should you do software updates

You should update your anti-virus on a daily basis for full security, but if you have no internet connection, you can download offline updates for you anti-virus from a pc with internet connection and then install it to your PC, if you can’t update regularly especially if you have no internet connection, you can download and install offline updates once a month, but make it more often as you could.

As often you update your anti-virus software, it makes your anti-virus more effective in keeping your computer safe.

How to update?

Most anti-virus softwares should have automatic updates enabled by default and you do not have to change anything setting, all you have to do is get your computer connected to the internet and let the software update itself, but if you have no internet connection you can use offline updates as I said earlier.

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