How does system restore work?

What does system restore really do to your system and which are those that it removes and which are not affected.

Why perform a system restore?

The main reason why we perform a system restore is when we encounter problems with our windows computer which we can’t solve. This includes operating system problems and excludes hardware problems.

The main function of system restore

System restore is used to roll back all your computer system settings from the time you chose to perform a system restore. In other words, it will undo all setting changes you had made to your computer from your preferred date until now. This includes themes, virus problems,  misconfigured registry, disabled services, and many more system settings.

How does it affect installed applications and games?

Another thing that would happen is that all the programs/softwares and games you have installed from that date until current date will be uninstalled. Also a system restore will install the programs you have uninstalled from that day until present.

Is it safe for my files?

And if you’ll also ask if your files from that date until present will also be deleted, it won’t. So it is safe to perform a system restore with no worries about your files being deleted. This also means a system restore will not restore deleted files.

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