Pros and Cons of RA 10175 Philippines Anti-Cybercrime Law | Who are in Favor and who are Against it

It is about time to write a new article about this law. Let us discuss now who are the people who think this law is fair, who do not, and why. 

Before anything else, the ra 10175 isn't just about the internet libel that stops our freedom of speech as known by many. We must be aware of all the contents, which many of us Filipinos will also benefit from.

These Pros and Cons are only applicable if the part of the law which is the internet libel will be disregarded, If the law will be passed with the internet libel intact, then i must say everyone will be against it.

Moving on let’s start with the Pro, from the contents of the law it penalizes all cyber/computer/internet related crimes basically including illegal acquiring or publishing/distributing of copyrighted files in the internet, illegal access/usage of any computer data, online services or personal identity, online account (passwords) hacking, cybersex and child pornography. From these we should wind up with these people who will be in favor of the bill:

1. Online account owners, including facebook, twitter, e-mail, online bank account owners will be more worry free from their passwords being hacked.

2. Bloggers, web publishers, software developers, and any original computer data owners will also have a strong ownership with their contents.

3. Parents will not be troubled that their children will now be safe against child pornography and cybersex. And as asked by many, is watching porn online be illegal or prohibited in the law? The answer is NO unless you are the one distributing porn videos especially involving minors.

And now let’s walk over the people who are against the anti-cybercrime law:

1. Hackers. But what we should know about them is that hackers has two classifications, Black Hat Hackers and White Hat Hackers. To be straightforward, Black Hat Hackers are characterized as the “bad” hackers who hack just to show they can, without any principle. While White Hat Hackers are the exact contrary. So if you want the people to support and adore you as a hacker, I bet you know how.

2. All computer/online content THIEVES and illegal users. No need to clarify this. You know them. 

So before protesting against this law, please to read the full scope of the law and reconsider the fact that some people also benefit with it (aside from the internet libel it is).

Again, we are still in a democratic country, you can freely share and comment your reactions.

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