Stop Receiving Notifications From a Facebook Photo/Post or Status You Have Commented or Liked Earlier

Some of you must be annoyed when you receive a notification when your friend or his/her friend comments on a status you have previously commented or liked. Especially if you do not know the person who commented, you won’t be interested to read his/her comment. 

And if you are one of those who receive countless notifications daily, you would only want to see those more important ones.

And to stop receiving those notifications from a specific post or status that you aren't concerned anymore, you just have to click on a button below that specific post. It is the “unfollow” button. By clicking this, you won’t be notified anymore of any new comments on that post.

There are two ways to do this:

1. In your notifications menu find the notification you want to unfollow, click on the small x on the right. 

Now click on the Unfollow button. 

That’s it, you can also undo it easily later if you wish.

2. The second way is almost the same, just go to the post itself then click on “unfollow post” below it. 

Currently this option is only available for status updates, not for photos, videos, etc.

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