How to Register SMART Unlimited Mobile/SMART BRO Internet Promos Latest

SMART Communications offers prepaid subscribers very affordable unlimited internet or unlimited surfing for their mobile phone or SMART BRO prepaid broadband modems.

And here are the codes to send to register to these services:

Unlimited Internet for 1 day: Text UNLI 50 to 211 or text UNLISURF 50 to 2200
Unlimited Internet for 2 days: Text UNLISURF 85 to 2200
Unlimited Internet for 5 days: Text UNLISURF 200 to 2200

Once you receive the confirmation message saying that you are already registered, you can start surfing!

These unli-net promos are for Smart Buddy and Talk N Text.

If you are using mobile/cellular phone, make sure you have activated gprs/mms/3g settings to be able to connect to the internet.

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  1. mabilis nman ba pag nag unli mobile internet ilan mb nman mkka skype vidio b dba mbagal o fb

  2. yun unli net ko na didisconnect paano kaya yun sayang nmn yun promo...

  3. Mahal pa rin kaya sana may one month na unlisurf n 500 pesos lng

    1. Hi ask q lang po pag nag unli bah aq ng 1month text ,s tingin neo po ba maka2 pag unli pa po aq s unli internet ?? Salamat po

  4. Concern hndi po ako makapagregster the error msg.said unavailable at this time. Eh buong magdamag hangang madaling araw ako nagtiis para i stil recvd same reply msg.

  5. Replies
    1. e2 soLusy0n .. .
      UNLI 50 tap0z sEnd nYu p0h zAh 211

  6. Hay bkt ang hrap n maka regster sa mega250?

  7. Bkt ang hrap na maka regster sa mega250?

  8. Please po di po ako maka register sa promo ng smart sa unli surf. I was in rush that I didnt see that notification that upon sending may incur additional cahrges so I disabled it then from that moment I was unable to register. Please help


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