Disadvantages of using FBT/UBT like VPN, Proxy, Tunnel

FBT or Free Browsing Techniques and UBT or Unlimited Browsing Techniques are used by an individual to access the internet for free by using underground tactics. These are commonly by means of using VPN or Virtual Private Network, Proxy servers or taking advantage of the Telecoms’ glitches in their operations resulting in free access by users to their services. FBT and UBT also are commonly used by broadband users. Maybe FBT and UBT users know the number one benefit of using of such is that you do not have to pay for your ISP bills. But there are also negative sides or cons of using or performing these techniques. Such as the following:

Unstable Connection

Maybe the download speed is just the same whether you use FBT/Proxy or not but you will have a dreadfully high ping and high chances of connection interruption. This is because in FBT or UBT your connection is not directly from your internet provider as it passes through another means. VPN and Proxy servers for instance, mainly the servers are from other countries so it is certain that your connection is slower because of the distance of the servers. Unstable connection also makes FBT and UBT users not able to play online games due to very high latency or ping when using VPN or Proxy.

It is not totally free

Another fact is that it is not completely as Free Browsing Technique, especially if the technique you are using is already been known and took action by the Telecom companies, you must have to search for new techniques or tricks, because you cannot connect anymore you should go outside in a internet café and search for new tricks. If not you experiment in your own wherein you must buy load for your broadband or buy new sim card to conduct tests. For my experience as a FBT and UBT user before, I found out that my expenses in looking for and using FBT and UBT tricks are almost the same as availing of monthly internet plans or even bigger. Availing internet plans also let you enjoy the full speed and stability of your connection than using FBT and UBT.

It is illegal 

This is one of the top reasons why FBT and UBT are not advisable, and despite knowing this many still use FBT and UBT tricks. Especially now here in the Philippines that an anti-cybercrime law that penalizes such acts is being cooked by our beloved Government, we may expect lesser users and inventors of FBT and UBT after this bill will completely be into operation. So it is recommended for those FBT and UBT users who only “use” and do not know what or how to secure themselves to stop using these tricks for their own good, and that’s why I made this article.

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