Bloggers’ Common Problems with Nuffnang | Blank/Empty Ads

Most bloggers particularly here in the Philippines are having trouble monetizing their blogs with Nuffnang ads. Problems are mostly about the availability of the ads, you won’t see all three or even one of the ads showing stable “real” ads in a day. Real ads I mean not a blank “ads by nuffnang” which irritates the eye of the blog owner. If you’ve tried all ad servers like adsense, chitika, clicksor, infolinks etc. you would notice that upon placing the ad codes, ads will become visible and remain still for the rest of the time the ad codes are placed. 

/"blank ads by nuffnang"

Even this "blue bird" ad by Nuffnang Philippines is considered empty, meaning you can't earn even it shows up all day.

I must say that Nuffnang CPC (Cost Per Click) can be already compared to adsense rates, but with this problem of ads not showing at all times just makes Nuffnang inferior, thus giving the members’ benefit of the doubt and sooner or later remove Nuffnang ads from their blog and stick with adsense.

By understanding the two types of nuffnang ads, which are the CPC and CPUV ads, wherein the CPC ads are those we ads that won't last even for a single day, if not these CPC ads will appear if your ad space is not occupied by CPUV ads. And from Cost Per Click you can earn ranging from 10-35 PHP or almost 1 USD per click, by this you can expect to live like adsense publishers but no chance of that, as you know these ads aren’t that generous, they do not appear every time, but if they do well then forget adsense I must say :)

And for the CPUV ads which also appear to those blogs with at least 20 unique visitors a day, you can check if you have CPUV ads in your nuffnang account's earnings tab, you can expect these ads to last longer than CPC ads, some CPUV ads can run for a month. With CPUV ads you will earn more or less 100 PHP per day with 1k unique visitors. So clearly we will have higher earnings with Nuffnang CPC ads wherein we can earn regardless of our blog traffic as long as someone clicks on the ads, that is if CPC ads are always present.

So what might be the reason for this big problem? If it is regarding low traffic, then what are Nuffnang CPC ads for? We already know for CPUV ads you certainly need a decent amount of unique visitors to earn from it. But what we also know is that CPC ads should appear if no CPUV ads are present, but as observed most of the time Nuffnang’s ads are empty.

This made me think Nuffnang is more of a Bloggers’ Community than a Blog Advertising one.

For the delightfulness of publishers, Nuffnang should certainly fix or minimize the problem of empty ads, and for my own opinion if likely Nuffnang should also provide us the option to turn off CPUV ads, just like CPC ads which can be disabled, for the reason that CPUV ads do not give us much favor, and if CPUV ads are running too, no CPC ads show up.

For PH Nuffnangers and also PH Nuffies who would read this post, I would be very happy to hear your reactions.

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  1. That's the problem with them, i'm new to them but i hope that ads will be generously appearing because 80% of my traffic is from the country where i am blogging from. You have a good stats anyway, maybe you have written a lot already.


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