HSS/HOTSPOTSHIELD VPN | How to keep it Always Free and Working

How to keep HSS/HOTSPOTSHIELD VPN always Free and Working 

If you're a HOTSPOTSHIELD user and you wouldn't want to loose it or you don't want to start paying for your HSS VPN, you must read this article.

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are used by people to secure themselves in the internet. And HSS is always recommended because of its availability that is never beaten by any VPN. With all VPN I’ve tried, I found HSS as the most stable and have been working ever since. And to tell you why, HSS VPN is powered by ads that are displayed on the users’ web browsers. It is the ads or advertisements that HSS obtain the money to spend for their VPN service just like many other free online websites/services.

And for all those HSS lovers and users, If you want HSS to be always free and available, don’t use ad blockers. Maybe all of us hate ads, just because of the little distractions but we must remember we are not paying for HSS’ VPN so let us pay them back by not blocking their ads. So imagine if all HSS or any ad powered VPN users will use ad blockers, they will have no revenue, and eventually HSS and all free VPN will start to ask for payments from the users or even end.

I am not by any means associated to HSS VPN, I’m just a blogger protesting against usage of ad blockers. Just like HSS and all other blog or website owners, ads makes this blog alive.

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  1. Hi Alison, I use a vpn called HighSpeed VPN (http://www.highspeedvpn.com) and it works smoothly well for me. I wanted to ask if HSS/HOTSPOTSHIELD VPN works in China too ? is it also torrent-friendly? Thanks!


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