Disadvantages of using Auto Likers or Auto Subscribers on Facebook | Are they Safe?

One of Facebook's biggest flaws is the inevitable existence and operation of auto likes and auto subscribers on Facebook. These are softwares, websites or Facebook apps that make it possible for Facebook users to have their fan pages, profiles, photos, or even statuses to receive hundreds or thousands of fake likes and subscribers within seconds.

These bogus tactics can be easily used to cheat in contests like online voting on facebook through like count, or can be used by normal fan page owners to increase their number of likes exponentially, or hopeless individuals who only want to show people that he/she has many fans.

That’s why I created this article to show you what inconveniences and disadvantages you will acquire using these nonsense.

1. First of all, you are ridiculously fooling yourself.

If you are using auto likes for your photo for example, and if you think you would become prettier or more attractive to other people’s eyes, or if for that you feel you are like a celebrity, pity on you buddy.

2. There are no real people/fans/subscribers/followers, JUST VISUAL LIKES.

Let me tell you, auto likes are unrealistically generated. Meaning no real person is clicking the like button on your photos or pages, and why I said no real subscribers is that no one will be subscribed to your next updates. Notice that when you like a facebook fan page and if the page owner posts something on their wall, all who liked their page will see the post in their own facebook homepage, but with auto likes, no one will.

3. The number of likes will diminish over time.

I for myself witnessed a facebook page that used auto likes, and saw how the number of likes increased per second. I thought it was permanent but as time goes by, the number of likes decreases and only the genuine likes were left.

4. These are not safe! Your account can be harmed or even banned.

A proof that your account will be manipulated by the creator of the auto like app or website is that your account will automatically and continuously post something like the image below on other people’s profile, and on groups or pages you are a member of, and even send it as a private message to you anybody. And many might be unaware, facebook punishes or bans accounts that are caught using such tricks.

So there you have it, I strongly discourage you in using auto likes or auto subscriber ploys. Or else you will soon get your account ruined or get yourself labeled a hopeless loser.

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  1. Uhmmm so.. I'm a girl. I get around 20-70+ likes on my stats and they are geniune... and 50-200+ on photos..All i can say is that.. it feels good to kno real people likes your status. and to kno real people comment and real people subscribe u! I am becoming pretty popular and my likes increase .... and its bcoz i get people to like me. and I guess having a pretty face and a hot body is enough to gain likes.:))


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