The End of FBT/UBT Tricks in the Philippines?

If the Anti-cybercrime law of the Philippines will be fully approved and signed into act, certainly all FBT or UBT techniques like using of VPN, Proxy, Tunnel, or any tricks that enable subscribers mainly of prepaid internet services of SMART, GLOBE, or SUN Telecoms to access the internet for free will be considered illegal. 

If we go through the contents of the said bill, any illegal access, interference, or interception of computer or internet data and services are included in the punishable acts. 

But the question is will this law fully stop FBT tricks?

Well, if the government has the ability to track down anonymous users and stop international VPN providers, might be possible. 

But for those who still think this is unfair and demand free or cheap internet, I bet nothing can stop them from devising tricks or any means to spend less for their internet services.

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