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If your search the web for best google adsense alternatives, certainly you’ll find Infolinks on the top placers. Especially now they have upgraded with a new look and new features, you will definitely find Infolinks more exciting. Infolinks is one of if not the best in-text based advertising company. But not just text based ads, Infolinks also provide us more ad types like the inTag, inSearch, and the newest inFrame. I am more surprised that infolinks decided to offer contextual based ads, as we know contextual ads are not compatible with google adsense. So I must say Infolinks is taking more chances of competing with adsense. 

Moving on, with the variety of ad types offered by Infolinks, we can experiment on how are going to use them to generate more income; should we enable them all and get better result? Or we should concentrate more in wise positioning of the ads. We’ll see. 

Let’s start with the inText ads, these are the ads show up when you hover your mouse on a infolinks underlined ad. The trick with this type of ad is you should base the number of ads to enable with the number of texts in your page, or simply do not put many in-text ads if you have few words in your page, and you can put more ads if your page has numerous words. You can do this by going to Customize tab > click on inText, then look for the Max Links per Page slider. 

Next is the inSearch ads, which has no doubt should be enabled. And don’t be bothered if you do not see these types of ads frequently in your site, they only show up to visitors who came from search engines.

The other one which is my favorite, the inTag ad, which you can place anywhere you want in your site. This ad alone can generate you a decent clicks if you position it wisely. It is a single line of separated words that when you hover your mouse will pop a small graphical ad. Aside from the mobility, the words that show up in the ad are also related to the terms in your page, so you will surely expect high CTR or number of clicks to receive with this type of ad. And for you to place the ad as you wish where, you should pick manual in the placement method, copy the code and now place it to where you like. 

And I also advice placing it above or below your post titles, and also add one below your post.

And also for the inFrame type of ad which as we know is still beta, I’m still observing and waiting till it finalizes to observe how well this new type of ad performs.

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