Avoid being victimized by fake Facebook profiles/accounts

This is one of the main security concerns in online social netwoks mainly Facebook, a person can create fake account and use somebody’s name, photos, and even copy all information about that person and use this account to victimize the person’s friends or destroy his/her name by posting disgraceful things on the profile timeline or send any messages to anyone. 

Imagine how much havoc that would cause to all facebook users and even people without facebook accounts who has accounts that were created by someone evil minded.

We all know no matter what Facebook do to solve this, that’s because creating a Facebook account in done online, and Facebook can never determine whether a person is telling the truth about his name and identity through the internet. What Facebook only tell is when we receive friend requests is that “you should not accept requests from strangers” but they cannot tell us if a friend request even from a person we know is real or not.

That’s why it is up to us users to cope and find solutions to these inevitable shortcomings of Facebook, so to answer our question, here’s a practical tip that I bet many still take for granted until now.

For sure you can’t also tell if a facebook profile is fake or not by just looking at the photos and reading the information shown in his/her profile, but you can certainly do it by chatting with that person first before believing to what her/she will ask or tell you.

I know you will definitely be tempted to accept a friend request from a person which is a close friend of yours who you didn't saw for long time, like a childhood friend, even if you do not know if he/she is real. But as I said, do not trust that person immediately if he/she asks you to send him/her 10,000 because his/her mother died. You should start your conversation with questions first, I bet you know what kind of questions I am talking about. Don’t ask something like: “How old are you now?” or “What is your father’s name?” I mean seriously, ask something more profound.

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