Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Broadband Modems/USB Dongles

Many laptop or netbook owners also buy themselves a mobile broadband modem or to be specific USB broadband modems. Wireless broadband modems are more patronized because of its portability as it can be used along your laptop. You can use it to access the internet when you are at school, office, home, or anywhere as long you have a computer and  there is reception.

Another benefit is that you can avail of prepaid services and several promos from the telecom companies. You do not need to pay monthly bills like in DSL plans. In mobile broadbands, you can choose to buy “load” for your broadband whenever and only when you need it.

Also good thing on USB modems is that you can use it to send text messages and even use it to call your buddies. You can use your laptop as your cellphone if you have a wireless modem as it also uses sim cards..

Now then, let’s also glance over the disadvantages of mobile broadband modems. As you know these are wireless so you will sometimes or even may times have your connection interrupted or slowed down due to weather changes or when you move to another part of the country. Even high speed wireless modems will have flaws in stability unlike in cable connections wherein you are connected via wire/cable or fiber optics to your ISP so chances of connection interruption are minimal.

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