How to stop/prevent a process from starting or running automatically in your computer

Sometimes you find processes or programs that start automatically and you want to stop them without uninstalling the program. These are commonly those programs that update regularly, and you cannot find options to disable auto updating, then you should try this trick. This is also applicable to suspicious processes you find running in your system, most viruses automatically start hidden processes which you can check in your task manager. You can also do this trick for processes that your anti-virus software cannot stop. 

In this trick you will only need to create a batch file or a small program which you can run to automatically stop a specific process.

Now to do this, first find the name of the process you want to stop from automatically running. 

1. To do that, open your task manager.  Then click on Processes tab. 

2. Now, find the process name in the Image Name row, be sure to find the nearest process name for the program you want to stop. 

Note: Closing wrong process can make your system unstable.

3. After you got the process name, open your notepad, you can going to start > all programs > accessories > notepad or click on start > run then type notepad. On your notepad copy and paste these lines of code:

taskkill -f -im processname.exe
goto here 

change the processname with the name of the process you got from step 2

4. Now, click on File > Save as. Name it as stop.bat then select All Files on the Save as type: option. 

Finally click on Save. Now find the file you created and open it. You can minimize the window and let our little program stop that process whenever it starts by itself. You can always edit the code and change the process name if you wish to.

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