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Nuffnang is well known as a blog advertising community and many loves it just because of how it performs almost been compared to google adsense. Aside from being the best combo for adsense, Nuffnang also is the best alternative for adsense for bloggers based particularly local traffic targeted blogs who have no luck with google adsense. 

I for one cannot say anything that nuffnang is lacking except for the very thing that it is only for blogs and for blog only, you cannot apply your website or forum to nuffnang. Which clearly show how google adsense outrank nuffnang mainly in site category scope.

If you’re a blogger and you’ve seen how nuffnang stand out above ad serving companies apart from google adsense of course, adsense still hold the crown position when it comes to website advertising. And if you also own a forum or website, I bet you’ve also thought of the probabilities (apparently dream :D) of having your website or blog monetized with nuffnang ads. But as the title shows Nuffnang is only for blogs and bloggers only so the only thing I and I’m sure most of website and forum owners wish is that nuffnang opens the door for a wider web pursuit, the chance of Nuffnang reaching for other website categories and forums will greatly grant advantage to nuffnang itself, for advertisers, and for a whole wider range of publishers.

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