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If you are blogger targeting local traffic especially if you're a nuffnang member, you should concentrate in building a strong flow of local traffic for your blog. As you know in Nuffnang you can monetize better or expect higher earnings from your blog if your visitors are from your country where you registered your blog to, for instance if you’re a blogger based in the Philippines, practically you should target Filipino visitors. 

And now, how to do this eh? Here are some pointers you might wanna try, and these are tricks I myself do to increase my blog visitors coming from my country.

Be updated with the current events in your country particularly those related to your blog niche or topic, to do so watch TV News regularly, be active on social networking sites like Facebook or twitter (and I’m serious about this, you can always find trending topics on these sites). Perfectly your friends in Facebook should be from your country also right, so capture this great advantage and share every article you write to your friends (but also do not share everything, you should only share to everyone the posts that are for general readers only, doing that is just a waste of time, you can leave the other ones to Google search’s hands).

In addition, join and be active on local forums, and again if your blog is about technology never think of promoting it in a cooking forum. To effectively get that amount of traffic in a forum: put your blog url in your account signature with of course a catchy anchor text, then create very informational and useful threads and link your blog as a source. And this one is a clever but very effective trick and I recommend do not do it so often, look for the most viewed threads in that forum and comment something like this: “Thank you very much for the info TS, if you want you can also add this one I found in the internet to your thread, it can be very helpful to us NAMEOFFORUM-ers” Then add a link to one of your articles, but of course only the truly connected one.

And also read daily local newspapers. By saying this I don’t mean you copy the articles you read from the newspaper. You should only look for the headlines, read the full article you are interested to, open your blog, write a post then give your personal views or comments on that topic.

By doing these, you can certainly acquire many topics to blog or write about everyday especially if you are running a news blog, if your blog has quality posts you will most likely attract your readers to visit again for fresh articles regularly.

Furthermore, I recommend that you do not limit yourself in your blog niche only, for a while you can also write about out-topics. But do not go too far, just write about the very trendy scoops only, and do it from time to time, you do not want your blog to be messy.

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