What is a Pyramiding/Investment Scam | Be aware and avoid being victimized

In this particular article I will guide you to be aware of these scams.

Pyramiding schemes, scams rather are already rampant these days particularly here in the Philippines, this pyramiding types of money laundering frauds are commonly in forms of swindling you in investing money in their company and promise you towering interests in a short period of time. And aside from promising high interest for your money, another deceiving part of these scams is now the pyramiding scheme also called the PONZI scheme, which allows the members to recruit other members and you will get a commission for every person you “deceive” to join, and also if those people you recruited will recruit other people you still get commission for those, and this is what they call an infinite earning opportunity SCAM.

And to attract you to join them, they will normally organize a “seminar” or a “how to become an instant millionaire - kinds of seminars”, in there the pioneer members now start to do everything they can to attract as many person as they can to join. This is rather funny, as I personally attended these kinds of seminars before in a MLM company’s’ seminar for a “home-based job”, they begin with a movie presentation of their company including their member’s vacation trips to other countries, after that they start showing us video clips of their members when they get their checks changed in a bank and they show up fans made of money, also they show the things they have bought through that company mostly cars. 

And the funniest thing is when one of them draws circles with labels “person A”, “person B” etc. and put arrows below them, and finally form many triangles on the board. Then he said “when I introduced this awesome business with my friends they started laughing and they said to me: stop that (bilog bilog) circles and triangles non-sense” bitch please… I bet everyone will say the same upon seeing that illustration of yours.

Others also do a one-on-one dialogue with a person they want to recruit, as you see every single person in this “scheme” or rather scam is very important for a existing member to recruit. So you can be sure a person attracting members will do everything just to get many members to join under him/her.

Maybe these kinds of scams will be operate nicely in the mere beginning and you can surely see the first ones to join that they become wealthy until the time comes that it closes, lucky for the pioneer members but bloody no for the newly recruited ones who just invested their riches hoping for one day that money will grow like a “Rico Puno (no idea about it? your not a Filipino)” but instead end up buried forever in the ground. 

So to answer our big question How to avoid falling to these traps? Don’t join, that simple. Remember, if you encounter such thing as “invest now be a millionaire tomorrow, hurry join us now” or just the phrase “be an instant millionaire” and if you feel it is too good to be true, maybe it is. Except from lottery, or game shows of course :D

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