Blogger or Wordpress | Which is better in Security

Blogger/Blogspot and Wordpress are the two platform leaders in terms of blogging. But regarding security, using blogger and hosting your own wordpress blog always accompany security harms like your blog or login account being hacked. For my fellow bloggers to know, security should be your concentration next to SEO of your blog before anything else. 

In my entire blogging life (though not that long), I’ve never heard about a blogger blog that have been hacked, and the reason is that a blogger is hosted by google itself, so for a hacker to dream of hacking a blogger blog is to break into the security of the biggest website google. But for hosted wordpress blogs, I’ve known about a few one’s that had their blogs shut down by hackers due to unsecured blogs. It is always best for wordpress blog owners to install security defenses, backup their blog and should have the capability to restore a defaced or hacked website.

While in hosting your wordpress blog in a web hosting service, so what we are talking about here is hosting and not using In this case you must at least know how to secure your site; you can install security functions which usually can be found within your web hosting partner but also you must pay additional bills for additional features of course.

Especially for new bloggers out there, it is always recommended using blogger for your very first blog wherein you can rely on a blog invulnerable to hackers.

But also don’t rely too much having a blogger blog hosted in google/blogger, certainly your blog can’t be hacked but your blogger account can be compromised, either by spam sites or social engineering (evil means to get your password from you yourself). So having a blogger blog also accompanies you with a responsibility of securing your blogger login information (username and password).

Another provision in using blogger or blogspot that users mostly fear is losing their blog, as we know blogger is owned by google so you should abide with their terms and conditions to avoid your blog being deleted.

Moreover whether you use blogger or host your own wordpress blog, you have responsibilities in any other way. Hence, again to sum it up; in hosting a wordpress blog you should install security functions for your blog (plus security maintenance) and also secure your login account, while in using blogger you can rely on an “unhackable” blog but also you must secure your login account and put up with blogger’s terms and conditions to keep your blog alive.

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