Advantages and disadvantages of an e-learning or online school

An e-learning or online school where you can enroll and take up a certain course you would like online, but before enrolling on such, you definitely have to check first the advantages and disadvantages of taking up an online degree.

Well then let’s start with the advantages, which I believe are just obvious.

In an online school you decide when and where to be taught, so long as you can get hold of a computer with internet connection. Also the basic needs in order for you to study well is a quiet environment, preferably in your own room at home, a headset which is also important to hear the audio from the e-learning system.

Another good thing about e-learning especially if you have your own computer unit at home is that you don’t have to worry about fares in commuting, and also no worries on tardiness as I said you decide when to open the website and start your session/class.

Also one benefit is that e-learning can be compared to as a personal tutor, wherein the instructor is the PC. Only thing it differs is that some online schools have lower payments.

Now with the disadvantages

I guess you might not know the bad sides of enrolling in an online school or academy, I will tell you right now.

In e-learning, certainly you take control of your schedule, venue or your classroom, and you will spend less compared to traditional schools or universities however, in there you cannot interact with your instructor (you cannot ask questions and further explanations, the only thing you learn are those programmed in the system). But I’m not talking about all online schools, you may or may not find it with all of them. Some higher standard e-learning schools have a person behind the e-learning system, and the student can interact with a real instructor online.

Another disadvantage which I don’t know if all will agree with me to this, in online school you do not have classmates to ask and share ideas with, it will all depend on you yourself. But I think this can also be considered as an advantage, learning alone will help you become more independent and may help you concentrate more.

These are only the general advantages and advantages you can find in any e-learning or online school, but I suggest you check for yourself the good and bad side of a certain e-learning school you want to enroll into.

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  2. You've made some great points in this post. Another advantage is that there are better odds that you will have up to date cirriculum. I have done classes both ways and believe that the online classes provided more relevent cirriculum. I think that technology is so advanced that there should be an increase in people not only college classes but a way to get a high school diploma online . This way people have more opportunities to receive the education that they want.


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