Why and when to use rel=”nofollow” on links

Why and when to use rel=”nofollow” on links
Nofollow attribute may be used on external links or links pointing to other sites on your blog or website. It is always recommended to use rel nofollow on all your links except from those whom you exchange links with or your partner sites as called by many. As we know the purpose of exchanging links is to share PR of our blogs with each other, by that means increasing it and using nofollow will make it a low quality backlink.

Links with or without nofollow will seem ordinary links in the eyes of readers but for google bot, these links differ in terms of SEO share. If you do not use nofollow in a link, meaning google will think that you recommend that link and it is something you want your PR to be shared, while links with rel nofollow will tell google bot not to visit that site.

And to make it simple, never use rel nofollow on:

- Internal links or the links pointing to other pages on your blog.

- Your partner blogs/friend’s links

And you can freely and safely use rel=”nofollow” on links pointing to sites not associated to you

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