When can you start to monetize/make money with your blog

When is the right time to monetize/make money with your blog
Practically speaking we blog to make money, if not the first reason why many try to start their own blog, it is the only one that most of us know. If you are like me and you have done your own research of personal experiences from successful bloggers, you may already know by now how much you can earn with your blog. You can earn as much or even few times bigger that any day-time or traditional office jobs. 

But the common mistake many new bloggers is that they think blogging is onetime big time money. That dream of earning that big is only achieved by successful and the dedicated bloggers. Meaning you can never expect to earn even a nickel in blogging unless you concentrate with it, and think of it as a professional career.

Simply if you start your blog today you cannot earn immediately tomorrow or even after 1 month. But if you have some blogging coach or personal tutor you can at least start earning with your blog within a month. Technically for instance getting your own domain name, writing original and informative articles, these are just the basic investments in blogging.

But again of you are like many of us including me, and you started blogging by yourself and just making some experiments or discoveries, the idea of making money with your blog will be in reality after months or even years of blogging, you must consider many things like for example SEO and following google policies for you to start dreaming of earning money with your blog.

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  2. I know a friend who signed up for adsense and in his 6 mo. earned $300 and in one year he bought his own house worth 2 million...


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