Taking up an IT Course in College

Are you a fourth year high school student? A fresh high school graduate? Or planning to shift course? If you are deciding to take an IT course when you step up on college level, let me help you with these pointers for you to consider before enrolling an IT course.

Point of interest

I’m pretty sure, in all courses you must choose the one that fits on what interests you the most, taking up a course that you did not decide yourself or just enrolled for the sake of “enrolling” will lead you nowhere. So in IT particularly wherein we know it is all about computers and technology, of course you should at least had a basic knowledge and experience in computer handling, if not you should never discovered your interest in computers right? But do not take my last statement generally, maybe some who have known about IT from anyone else or from an advertisement also has to enroll first to assess if they are really in to IT. But to tell you, if others say IT is for lazy people only, I can’t blame them :D but that’s not 100% fact, IT like any other course necessitate you to devote all your time with it.

Having your own Computer/laptop

Partly obvious, taking up an IT course undeniably require you having your personal computer, 90% or even more of your college life will be allotted in front of your computer so no thinking otherwise, if you are planning to enroll an IT course buy yourself a PC if you haven’t yet. PC literally we are speaking about having your own computer; borrowing, renting, even relying on a family computer won’t do you much good. Trust me; you wouldn’t want anyone messing with your projects in the future.

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