How to Publish or Save Vb.Net Project Files to .EXE/Executable

Create an .exe file from your project files and save it on your hard disk. 

Want to make your coded programs to life? Publishing them to executable files will make it easier to run the program rather than opening it in Visual Studio and run it there, hence this process is for debugging or when you are still in the development.

Publishing or also know as deploying a project in is very simple. Here is a step by step guide:

1. First open your project

2. Now go to menus Project > “project name” Properties 

3. Click on Publish at the bottom menu 

4. Then on the Publish Location, type in the address where you want it to be saved 

Enter C:\ for example to publish it inside your C: drive. 

5. Click on Options

6. Uncheck Open deployment page after publish and Use “.deploy” file extension, You can also fill up the publisher name and product name if you wish. 

7. Press OK and finally click on Publish 

8. Now locate your executable file inside you C:\ directory whereas you saved it in step 4

Go to C: and you will see a new folder named Application Files 

9. Open it the open again the folder inside it 

11. In there you will the .exe file of your program, open it and tadaaah, your coded program now in action.

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