New Set/Types of Chitika Ads | How to Enable

One of my favorite, Chitika has upgraded and added new exciting set of ads. Upon enabling one of the new ads, my personal earnings or specifically my CTR has increased exponentially.

Here are the new ads with short description:

Chitika Hover

A small rectangular window will pop up on the bottom of the screen, the reader has the option to close the window.

Chitika Highlight

Whenever a reader select or highlight a text on your blog, an ad will appear.

Chitika Lynx

Chitika’s version of in-text ads or the ads using text links, these ads do not use spaces, they will only show up when the reader moves the cursor over the link ad.

Chitika Pages.

This is also Chitika’s version of interstitial ads, a full page ad will pop in a timed interval. I'm not really a fan of interstitial ads.

How to enable them and enjoy the new Chitika features:

1. Log-in to your publishers account then g
o to ChitikaApps menu 

3. Choose the ad type you want to use then click on enable 

4. You can also disable and re-enable them as you wish

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