How to increase earnings in Chitika

How to increase earnings in Chitika

As I said before, Chitika is considered as one of the best google adsense alternative. Chitika is also has CPC based ads; meaning you earn from the number of clicks you receive. It succeeds google adsense from my observation and research in terms of revenue share or your earning potential as a chitika publisher. And aside from the big factor that chitika is not strict in approval of blogs or websites that is. 

If your chitika earnings are lower than expected; if you have a high traffic and you feel that you do not earn as evenly with your traffic, or simply to get the most out of Chitika, you should perform some magic tricks :D. Kindly follow the below methods, and for sure you will notice your chitika earnings will increase at least 100-200%.

1. Take advantage of the new Chitika ads or ChitikaApps.

I personally recommend enabling only chitika hover and chitika lynx(that is if you have no other running in-text ads), and of course always use the standard text ad type, you can place this ad wherever you want.  And i discourage you from using chitika pages, readers would not want any unwanted pages from appearing in a website or blog they are browsing, especially that full page irritating ads. 

2. Position ads wisely
As you know chitika ads are “related results” type. You should only put them below or on top of your blog posts. Making the ads also to show inside blog posts only can definitely increase your clicks.

3. Do not over populate your ads
Literally, do not fill all sides of your page with ads, related to no.1 method, do not enable all ChitikaApps. And also for no.2 if you put chitika ads on top of your blog post do not put another one after the post and vice versa, by doing such mistakes your reader will easily realize that it’s just an ad, perhaps lower chances of receiving clicks.

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  1. very real and correct article on making money with chitika

  2. if you add chitika to your blog will that mean that I will be losing my nuffnang gliteratti status?

    1. nope I used chitika before but it didn't affect my gliteratti membership ..

  3. hai i am pavan from india , if i get multiple clicks from my rivals ( competitors ) how to block the ipaddress in chitika please help me in this


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